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Profit model: equation to be solved in IOT industry

[Guide: China's RFID market shows a trend of rapid development. Last year, the market size reached 8.51 billion yuan, ranking third in the world after the United States and Britain, with a year-on-year increase of 25.9%. This figure is expected to reach 12billion yuan this year. 2010 China International smart card and RFID Expo and the Eighth China (Beijing) RFID and IOT international summit revealed such a set of data. Facing the high attention of the government, the active promotion of the industry and the continuous favor of the capital market, the RFID market has shown a trend of rapid development, which has led to the warming of the IOT market, which is an important sensing technology. So, what development opportunities are the IOT industry facing? What bottlenecks have you encountered in development? What role does the telecom operation enterprise play in the whole industry?]

the promotion of RFID in Taiwan has been hampered. In the past five years, we have launched a lot of trial systems, but these systems are facing very serious challenges after they are launched. After labeling items, how can we have a good operation mode, recover costs, and even improve competitiveness. Gong Renwen, deputy executive director of the Taiwan, China consortium corporate information industry strategy Advancement Committee, raised such a question. His words revealed the current confusion of many enterprises in the IOT industrial chain with RFID as the core technology

although since last year, the IOT industry has become the most concerned field in the entire ICT industry with the high attention of the government, the active promotion of the industry and the continuous favor of the capital market, the profit model is still the equation to be solved in the entire industry

what is the reason why the old projects have been turned into IOT?

why the profit model of IOT industry has not been solved? It is because people are still hyping the projects and industries of IOT and competing for government resources. Chen Baoguo, the development research center of the State Council, gave such an answer

yes, in this IOT fever, many enterprises have vigorously developed IOT industrial application projects, and claimed that they have an advanced operation mode in the field of IOT, so various places began to plan. Chen Baoguo pointed out that in just two months from August to October last year, more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government began to do the planning of IOT, and more than 400 prefecture level cities also began to follow. However, these IOT plans are not much different from the original plans, only packaging the existing stock assets and stock industries into IOT projects, so logistics has become IOT, sensor technology has become IOT, and industrial automation has also become IOT. Under the influence of this trend, enterprises began to find no direction and could not see the real breakthrough of profitability in the IOT industry

moreover, as an emerging industry, as dongbaoqing, deputy director of the Information Promotion Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said, the development law of IOT still needs to be explored. Therefore, the innovation of business model is particularly important, and we cannot simply copy the profit model of traditional industries

platform renting may become the preferred mode

for the profit mode of IOT industry, some experts have given three most basic schemes, "said the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the innovation of the mode can be deduced on these three basic modes

the first is the user built mode. This mode requires users to invest in the construction of networks and applications, on the premise that the number of users is very large and there is a considerable capital base. However, at present, it is difficult for even high-end users to adopt this mode, which not only involves financial problems, but also means that China has been one of the largest importers of recyclable materials in the world for many years. Due to the integration of resources and familiarity with the industry, it is rarely heard of using this self built mode

the second is the government investment model. No matter which application of IOT requires a large amount of funds. Now some city governments with a high degree of informatization may consider adopting this fault analysis: the signal line of load sensor is loose or faulty mode, but the problem of funds will still make some local governments with a slightly low degree of informatization and underdeveloped economy hesitate. This model will also exist in the profit model of IOT

there is also an operation mode of platform leasing. The platform rental operation mode is that one party involved in the IOT industry, such as telecom operators or technology suppliers, builds a platform, and then leases it to a third party for operation. If we can truly connect things on this platform, then this platform will have unlimited business opportunities in the advertising field at least

platform resource operation is the key

at present, we cannot demonstrate which profit model will become the best choice for the IOT industry, but no matter which model is adopted, the operation of platform resources will be the key in the profit model

zhongshuhua of yuanwanggu Information Technology Co., Ltd. said that the "metamaterials" they developed can be used to invest in IOT by changing its structure, which can be divided into three areas: first, the identification technology and tools of IOT, second, network communication technology, and third, the operation and construction of information platforms. For the choice of these three areas, enterprises need to think about such a question: I sell equipment in the first year, accessories in the second year, and what in the third year

to answer this question, let's take a look at an example first. For example, when a household installs smart appliances, the initial installation cost is 2000 yuan, while the enterprise is a follow-up platform resource, and the revenue brought by operation will be much higher than 2000 yuan. The threshold of manufacturing industry and system integration industry is very low and the prospect is not easy to grasp, but the mode and space of platform operation are very large. In this regard, Chen Baoguo pointed out that in the business model of IOT, platform resource operation is the first choice

the premise of platform resource operation is the promotion of valuable applications. Zhongshuhua believes that IOT has many applications now, but there are few valuable applications, and even fewer valuable and viable applications. Therefore, we should vigorously promote the in-depth application of IOT in various fields. Without effective application, there will be no collection and reserve of IOT information resources

after application, a cross platform information resource sharing mechanism should be established. At the same time, the IOT information resources should be deeply developed and utilized, and all the information collected by various sensors should be processed and reused

Chen Baoguo, for example, the initial service provided by telecom operators is voice information. If voice information between people can bring operators 6billion yuan of income, then the income brought by the information interaction between things will be very considerable. Therefore, the reuse of information resources on IOT platform will be of great significance for people to know, understand, perceive and even dominate the world in the future. Now, when promoting the IOT industry, we must not forget the operation of information resources, how valuable the information resources stored by IOT, and how broad the profit space of these information resources after being deeply processed. This is also the essence and advantage of IOT

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