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According to Xinhua news agency, although the Ministry of Commerce ruled that imported PVC originating in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Taiwan would be subject to five-year anti-dumping duties, the strong holiday atmosphere and the lack of bright spots in downstream consumption still dominate the market. On the 29th, PVC futures in Dalian Commodity Exchange opened higher and went lower. Intraday shocks reduced the corrosion of metal contact plates installed in the module to a minimum, falling to a new low

analysts said that with the implementation of the five-year anti-dumping measures, it is expected to provide some support for PVC futures that have continued to decline in the early stage, reduce the diameter of monofilament and make the molecules directional arrangement. However, due to the approaching Festival and the short-term consumption is expected to be difficult to change, the pattern of PVC weak market is still difficult to change in the short term

On September 28, the Ministry of Commerce issued announcement No. 69, deciding to continue to implement anti-dumping measures against imported PVC originating from the United States, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Taiwan for a period of five years from September 29. Previously, on September 29, 2003, the Ministry of Commerce issued announcement No. 48 of 2003 imposing a five-year anti-dumping duty on PVC of the above origin, which expires on September 28 this year

market participants said that the introduction of anti-dumping measures for PVC by the Ministry of Commerce has been considered as "one of the few" good news for the recent PVC market, but it is generally consistent with market expectations. In fact, due to the continued weakness of the PVC market in the early stage and the approaching holidays, the overall market response was relatively calm. In the spot market, according to the statistics of zhuochuang information, a professional information organization, the domestic PVC market as a whole is relatively light, and the transaction is weak. As the holidays are approaching, the attention of merchants is weakened, and the price fluctuation is not large. In terms of price adjustment, although most manufacturers said that the current price adjustment or not is of little significance, some manufacturers continue to reduce their quotations, indicating that they are still unhappy with the future market, and the new company should develop and expand as soon as possible

Sanli futures said that although the five-year anti-dumping measures will provide some support for the PVC price in the domestic market, the situation of short sellers dominating the market is a foregone conclusion because long funds are unwilling to enter the market before the holiday. However, after the festival, with the continuous return of funds, PVC prices are expected to get some support

insiders pointed out that since the PVC market will enter the traditional off-season after the national day, it will be difficult to boost the PVC price in the short term, and it is expected that its price will remain low and volatile

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