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The strategic upgrading of profile enterprises challenged the authoritative awards in the industry, and they won a complete victory

the strategic upgrading of profile enterprises challenged the authoritative awards in the industry, such as the constant temperature and humidity control system used in the operation process of all instruments. They won a complete victory

December 25, 2019

2019, which is the sixth year that China's door and window curtain wall innovation · star product award has accompanied the door and window curtain wall industry. In these six years, With the mission of "innovation enables industrial upgrading", the star product award has delivered a large number of high-quality innovative products to the industry, which has been highly praised in the industry

this year's star product award has ushered in a substantial increase in the number of products participating in the evaluation. 201 new products from home and abroad have been registered for the evaluation. It has been waiting for months. At present, the organizers have counted the winners of the "star product award" for doors and windows, profiles, and which enterprises are there? Little win announced:

details of award-winning products

award winning brand: Gaodeng doors and windows

award winning product: zpm103 series silent swing door

the appearance is inlaid with decorative lines, and the overall appearance is beautiful, exquisite, high-end and generous. The door leaf and frame have changed the traditional sealing method, sealing around the frame and leaf respectively, and a magnetic suction sealant strip with a 45 ° angle is designed, and the magnetic suction sealant strip on the frame adopts soft and hard coextrusion composite adhesive strip, which improves the sealing effect and improves the opening and closing mute effect coating. The door leaf is equipped with hollow glass, which can make the appearance more varied and beautiful

award winning brand: EOS

award winning product: el70 folding door

less types of profiles, high versatility, reducing mold and production costs; Small visual surface and good visual effect; Adjustable and non adjustable hinges, heaven and earth bolt and multi-point lock locking combination, locking stability; Built in track and lower bearing structure, the center of gravity of the fan is in the middle, and a variety of opening styles; Multiple sealant strips are used at the frame and fan to improve the sealing effect, and the hidden drainage design; The use of the sill connector improves the connection stability and processing efficiency between the sill and the door frame; The 13mm gap between frames and fans and between fans shall prevent the consequences of pinch injury

award winning brand: Weiye doors and windows

award winning product: wyt 78 heat insulation bridge broken casement system

an internal casement system product tailored for door and window engineering projects, which takes economy, supporting facilities and high performance as the main development goals, and fully meets the conditions and elements of the engineering project, such as product compliance with standards, batch processing, engineering installation, etc. The product portfolio has complete functions, and the scope of application includes: main function large windows, combined windows, corner windows, bay windows, kitchen door windows, toilet exhaust windows, corridor ventilation windows, main balcony side-by-side doors, small balcony side-by-side doors and other products that open inside (inside down) or outside

award winning brand: Jianmei custom door and window system

award winning product: high performance sliding window system

so fair and correct use of the fixture is conducive to the smooth progress of the experiment


Chuang should measure the maximum width of each crack, and the new structural design has excellent water tightness, air tightness and wind pressure resistance; With multi-channel sealing design, the sealing, dust-proof and sound insulation effects are remarkable. The new anti falling device is safe and reliable. It is not afraid of typhoons. The supporting parts are perfectly matched. It is 100% self-developed and has its own patents to meet the market demand for high-performance sliding windows

award winning brand: fengaluminum high-end system doors and windows

award winning product: gd112 external opening window screen integrated window

unique hidden drainage system, which can effectively drain the water in the cavity; With the insulation strip on the same horizontal line, it provides the best thermal energy efficiency ratio. The double EPDM rubber strip is effectively sealed for 30 years, and the air tightness and water tightness are super first-class

award winning brand: AAG sub aluminum

award winning product: all aluminum floor

environmental friendly aluminum floor, aluminum instead of wood, adopts multi cavity structure design and seamless splicing dense method, has strong load-bearing capacity, has the advantages of zero formaldehyde, no moth eaten, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, anti-skid and wear-resistant, durable, recyclable, can be used for anti-static, floor heating and hidden water and electricity line treatment, and is a new material, new technology New products

award winning brand: Guangya aluminum

award winning product: double cold bridge glue injection double color energy-saving profile

double cold bridge glue injection double color energy-saving profile adopts the original patented technology: the innovative structure of double connection of polyurethane (PU) and high-strength glass fiber reinforced nylon (PA66GF25). With the perfect combination of these two heat insulation materials, the strength of the profile can reach more than three times the national standard value, It completely solves the industrial problems of low transverse tensile strength and poor high-temperature mechanical properties of traditional glue injection profiles, unsatisfactory longitudinal shear strength and low-temperature mechanical properties of threading profiles, and easy water seepage at the heat insulation threading positions on both sides, and can easily realize the large-section structure of glue injection profiles. It is the perfect combination and innovation of American glue injection energy-saving technology and European threading energy-saving technology

award winning brand: GAC customized doors and windows

award winning product: dpc101 series bridge broken window screen integrated casement window

the window frame and sash adopt 45 ° splicing, and the internal design has a perfect hidden drainage structure. Adopt standard accessory notch, which can realize multiple opening modes. The yarn fan adopts 0.8 wire diameter high-strength 304 stainless steel diamond, which can be equipped with anti-theft tube, which is safe and reliable, and multi-point locking can meet the RC2 anti prying level. Special processing technology is adopted for the corners of fan material, which is too round to prevent accidental injury of sharp corners

award winning brand: good door and window system

award winning products: sliding window, upper folding window, glass shutter

American up and down sliding window, concave handle design, convenient and safer lifting, space saving, more beautiful and practical, and reasonable opening and ventilation mode. The frame wrapped fan structure has excellent air tightness and water tightness, and is widely applicable. It is especially suitable for the kitchen food pass mouth and all kinds of office windows. The folding window has fashionable and atmospheric appearance, high lighting rate, convenient maintenance, practical and flexible, safe, reliable and durable, safe structure, and good air tightness and water tightness

* the above rankings are in no order

the sixth door, window and curtain wall innovation · star product award

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the sixth door, window and curtain wall innovation star product award

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