The hottest profit is too thin, and Korean polypro

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The profit is too thin, Korean polypropylene manufacturers may reduce production

Korean polypropylene manufacturers said that if the profit margin continues to shrink, they will consider reducing production in November

due to the low price, the loss of polypropylene in Northeast Asia last week was $19/ton, which further deteriorated on the basis of the loss of $4/ton last week

on October 19, the price of flat filament yarn fell US $per ton to US $per ton CFR China. At present, most polypropylene plants in South Korea are operating at or near full capacity. However, some manufacturers said that if the situation changed and the structure of individual prosthetics and ultralight aircraft became worse, they would consider reducing the positive and negative rotation rate of polypropylene on-off control Electromechanical

South Korea's Hunan Petrochemical said that if the spot price difference between propylene and polypropylene continued to shrink, they would consider reducing the output of polypropylene. At present, their polypropylene plant is still operating at full capacity, but the degree of operation in November still depends on market conditions

last week, the polypropylene market in China and Southeast Asia suddenly became very depressed. Weak downstream demand and uncertainty in the international economic environment have hit the buying atmosphere. The purchase in the spot market is limited, and the profit of polypropylene is very thin

according to the Korea Petrochemical Industry Association, South Korea plans to produce 2% more polypropylene this year, with a quantity of 3.8 million tons. Creep refers to the export of 2.3 million tons of resin under constant load, an increase of 2.3% over last year

China is the largest polypropylene importer of South Korea

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