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Summary of the development of China's food and packaging machinery industry (Part I)

in the past five years, the food and packaging machinery industry has developed at an average growth rate of 11% ~ 12% per year, higher than the growth rate of the national economy in the same period. The product level has reached a new level, the trend of large-scale, complete set and automation has begun to appear, and equipment with complex transmission and high technical content has begun to appear. Among the exported machinery varieties, food (dairy, pastry, meat, fruit) processing machines, ovens, packaging, labeling machines, paper plastic aluminum composite tank production equipment and other machinery are more exported. Food machinery such as sugar making, wine making, beverage, liquid food filling machines and other equipment have begun to be exported in complete sets

in July 2003, the food packaging machinery industry exported a total of 1.203 billion US dollars, with a cumulative surplus of 199million US dollars compared with imported equipment. The export situation reached a record high, and the export exceeded the import for the first time. In 2002, China's total import and export of food and packaging machinery reached 2.14 billion US dollars, an increase of 10.6% year on year. Among them, the import was USD 1.54 billion, a year-on-year increase of 4.4%; Exports reached US $600million, a year-on-year increase of 30.2%. Imports were still heavily exported, with a deficit of US $940million. Among them, the export of food machinery was USD 460million, with a year-on-year increase of 31.8%. Most of these exported food machines are household dishwashers, Juicers, sterilizers and electric cookers (classified as "small household appliances" by the National Bureau of Statistics). The export delivery value of large food machinery was US $123million, a year-on-year increase of 7.9%. The export delivery value of packaging machinery was 138million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 25.4%. In 2002, the import of food machinery was USD 515million, a year-on-year decrease of 2.6%, and the import of packaging machinery was USD 1.023 billion, a year-on-year increase of 7%. In 2002, the export of China's food and packaging machinery accounted for 5.48% of the GDP, and the import part accounted for 24.57% of the domestic market share (calculated according to the selling price). The export part was far lower than the proportion of 13.26% of the domestic export of mechanical and electrical products, but the market share of the import part was far higher than the import share of the domestic mechanical and electrical market

with the adjustment of people's dietary structure and the change of eating habits, the rapid development of food processing industry has been promoted, and a large number of high-quality packaging machinery and food processing machinery are required. The demand for food and packaging machinery will increase significantly in the next few years. It is estimated that by 2005, the output value of China's food machinery and packaging industry will reach 44billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 10%. At present, the sales momentum of food machinery and packaging equipment is relatively good. By 2005, the proportion of meat processing will increase from the current 4% to 10%. Namely, the meat processing volume reaches 6million tons; The proportion of grain processing has increased from the current 8% to 15%, and the processing capacity has reached 8250 tons. The output of sugar, dairy products, liquid milk, various feeds, edible vegetable oil and cans reached 10million tons, 800000 tons, 2million tons, 27million tons, 30million tons and 3.8 million tons respectively. By 2005, the total demand for food machinery and packaging equipment in the domestic market should be about 65billion yuan, that is, only by maintaining an annual growth rate of more than 12% can we meet the market demand

the sustainable development of China's economy has brought good opportunities to the packaging industry, including food packaging machinery. It is estimated that the total demand of domestic food and packaging machinery market in 2010 will reach 110billion yuan. Among them, the import part is about US $2.5 billion. In 2010, the sales of domestic food and packaging machinery was about 85-90 billion yuan. With the export part (estimated to be US $0.8-1 billion), the total output value of domestic food and packaging machinery was about 90-100 billion yuan in 2010, that is, only by maintaining an annual growth rate of more than 12% can the market demand be met. In 2002, the total output value of China's food and packaging machinery was 39.4 billion yuan, the export was 26million dollars, and the domestic sales was 37.2 billion yuan; The imported food and packaging machinery amounted to US $1.538 billion, and the total domestic market demand was 49.9 billion yuan

new invention of food packaging machinery

1 Full automatic shrink packaging machine in order to adapt to the special situation of the current domestic market, the economic full-automatic shrink packaging machine has been successfully developed on the basis of fully investigating the domestic and foreign markets and digesting and absorbing foreign mature technologies. The equipment can be connected to various production lines to automatically complete the processes of bottle management, transportation, film covering, slitting and heat sealing, shrinkage molding, cooling, output, etc., and the packaging quality fully meets the international standards. In particular, the driving system of the core part of the equipment, i.e. slitting and heat sealing, adopts ABB high-precision brake motor originally installed in the United States. Compared with the traditional cylinder movement, China has significant advantages in terms of performance, precision and reliability. China is a big textile country in the world and its service life. In addition, the key parts of the equipment are equipped with safety protection devices to avoid the hidden dangers of falling and breaking bottles in the production process. The whole machine adopts PLC, photoelectric control, pneumatic transmission and imported electrical components, with stable and reliable performance, and the price is only one fifth of that of imported equipment. A new packaging form brings out a new packaging material and a fashionable packaging trend, and drives a green revolution in food packaging machinery

2. Aseptic packaging machine xudongshun of Qingdao City, Shandong Province has designed a aseptic packaging machine for liquid food, which includes: packaging bag film strips by the original driving mechanism, the batch roll of the film strips is erected on the roll support by the long shaft, and a film strip disinfection treatment device which can properly change the oil is set between the driving mechanism and the roll support; A closed sterile machine head cover is arranged in an appropriate range around the packaging machine head; The film strip is pulled into the device from the belt roll support end of the device, and is pulled out from the head end of the device to enter the original packaging head. The machine ensures the hygienic standard of liquid food, and extends the storage period and quality of food to more than 30 days according to the implementation plan of Shandong Province for promoting the development of industries to eliminate excess production capacity and get rid of difficulties. Yinyongguang of Changchun, Jilin Province invented the small bag aseptic packaging machine and the bag former. The utility model is composed of a back plate, a shaper plate, a main injection pipe, an auxiliary injection pipe, a vent pipe and a movable pressing plate. The movable pressing plate is installed on the back plate through a hinge shaft, the shaper plate is installed between the back plate and the movable pressing plate, the main injection pipe, the auxiliary injection pipe and the vent pipe are installed on the shaper plate, the shaper plate is a sandwich plate structure with a middle cavity, the sandwich plate is provided with a number of small holes, and the vent pipe is connected with the middle cavity of the shaper plate. The device has the characteristics of low cost, simple structure and reliable operation. Quanyongchun of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, has designed a sterile packaging machine, which has a mechanical transmission mechanism. The film supply sprocket is connected with the driven sprocket a of the film supply device, and then connected with the driven sprocket B of the film feeding device through the film feeding sprocket. The driving roller driven by the upper slot cam is connected with the swing arm through the rotating shaft, and one end of the swing arm is connected with the longitudinal sealing pliers through the pull rod G, At the same time, it is connected with the moving wheel of the film clamping device through the fixed pulley through the steel wire rope, the other end of the swing arm is connected with the transverse sealing cutting pliers through the pull rod h, and the pre stretched film adjusting block on it is connected with the pre stretched film frame of the film pulling device through the connecting rod. The utility model changes pneumatic into mechanical transmission, and a reducer is driven by a main motor to complete horizontal sealing, vertical sealing, film feeding, film feeding length control, pre stretching film, film pressing, uncoiling, timely control of uncoiling length, bag forming, ribbon printing and other actions, with simple mechanism, stable transmission, low noise, long service life, easy to master and convenient maintenance

3. Automatic liquid packaging machine Hebei Cangzhou Hongfa Packaging Technology Research Institute, which mainly develops and produces liquid packaging machines, has successively obtained four national patents in the field of liquid packaging machines. Hongfa Packaging Technology Research Institute is a provincial scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the research of packaging technology and some food machinery. Over the years, it has made pioneering development in the development of liquid packaging machine. Its double rod linkage automatic liquid packaging machine has not only obtained the national utility model patent certificate, but also is popular in the market for its unique performance. The double rod linkage liquid packaging machine developed by the Institute is specially used for the quantitative packaging of liquid foods such as soy sauce, vinegar, Baijiu and milk; The machine adopts single cam, horizontal and vertical sealing double rod pull back type to control heat sealing. The heat sealing materials can be various multi-layer composite films, black-and-white oxygen resistant fresh-keeping films, high-pressure polyethylene films and other packaging. This machine adopts high-precision intelligent microcomputer instrument to control the heat sealing temperature, and has the functions of side sealing, back sealing, four side sealing, etc. in addition, its film walking system adopts ordinary film walking mode and touch computer control, photoelectric tracking, which can set, display and adjust the length used, so that the packaging drawing is complete and beautiful

Harbin saide Technology Development Co., Ltd. successfully developed and produced the first ultra clean automatic liquid packaging machine. The equipment is a fully automatic liquid packaging machine specially developed for the serious bacteria contamination in the packaging of pasteurized milk. In addition to the automatic bag making, bag filling, metering, sealing, date printing and photoelectric detection, the same composite tube method as that of the sterile filling machine is used in the liquid supply system, which not only enables the liquid supply to be carried out in a fully closed state, but also enables cyclic cleaning. The membrane supply system operates in the sealed cavity and is irradiated by multiple groups of UV lamps to fully sterilize the packaging materials, so that the packaging is carried out in a high clean state, which greatly reduces the degree of bacteria contamination of the liquid in the packaging process. The equipment does not use H202 when sterilizing packaging materials, which meets international environmental protection requirements. The shelf life of pasteurized milk produced by this equipment can be extended by 7 days. In addition, the packaging speed of the equipment can reach 3600 ~ 4800 bags/hour, and the production efficiency is high

4. Automatic pillow packaging machine in February, 2004, a mini automatic pillow packaging machine with small size, novel appearance, complete functions and a price of less than 20000 yuan was successfully developed in Jinan paiqing Technology Development Co., Ltd. The packaging machine can use various composite packaging film coiled materials to package block food. After the product was put on the market, it received 2 LCD controller is widely welcomed by small food enterprises. Through the analysis and Research on various types of packaging machines, and on the basis of full tests, the technicians of Jinan paiqing have organically combined the functional parts of the packaging machine to develop a "packaging machine movement" that integrates all the functions of the transmission system of the packaging machine. In this way, the volume of the machine is reduced and the function of "big machine" is realized; At the same time, due to the adoption of the integrated "packaging machine movement", the chain transmission is greatly reduced, the stability and reliability of the machine operation are improved, and the noise of the machine operation is reduced. Next, in order to make the packaging machine more compact and easy to operate, they applied advanced technologies such as microcomputer programming and variable frequency speed regulation to the control system. In order to improve the appearance of packaging products, the equipment is also equipped with an photoelectric tracking system. The system can accurately calibrate according to the shape and size of the packed items, and adopts two-way three-level tracking to timely find the errors of packaging materials in the production process and accurately compensate and correct them, avoiding the waste of packaging materials. In order to prolong the service life of the mini automatic pillow packaging machine and minimize the failure rate, all the control chips they use are industrial chips. This ensures that the packaging machine is highly efficient, low loss, automatic detection and other multi-functional, fully automatic high-tech level. Make it not only have beautiful and fashionable appearance, but also have a healthy and smart mind. "Mini" brand will get a real feeling in users' use

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