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One week review of Shunde plastic market in Guangdong Province

seen from the market last week, the market faced a variety of tests. The crude oil price fluctuated and the market transaction was cold, but this did not cause major fluctuations in product prices. The main reason is that the downstream customers have not followed up. There are more goods stored in the dealer's warehouse than in the hands of the customers. However, the sales price has always been within the appropriate range. The transaction price is relatively chaotic. It mainly depends on the acceptance ability of the customers. However, the petrochemical enterprises are facing assessment, taking measures to complete the sales and capital withdrawal, which reflects the flexible attitude of the state-owned enterprises to enter the market and the monopoly situation of manipulating the market

abs Market: from last week to this week, the ABS price was not very stable due to the large fluctuation of crude oil price. Last week, Panjin first lowered the ex factory price to meet the assessment indicators. On Monday, driven by the rise of crude oil, petrochemical enterprises moved up and down the factory price, bringing uncertainty to the market. The current sales price fluctuated repeatedly within a certain range, putting pressure on dealers and making operation difficult. It is estimated that ABS prices will fluctuate considerably in the future under the premise of unstable crude oil prices and uncertain international situation: 1) from the perspective of demand, the demand will decline due to the anti-dumping of color TV sets and air conditioners in Europe and the United States; 2) From the perspective of raw materials, crude oil fluctuated sharply, which aggravated the reduction of demand

pp Market: in order to complete the task last Thursday, the petrochemical enterprises lowered the PP price by about 100 yuan. However, this week, Sinopec and PetroChina jointly supported the market and lowered the assessment conditions. Before the dealers reacted, they adjusted the PP price back to about 7000 yuan/t. In particular, people's acceptance and re monopolization understand that the market changes too quickly due to the monopoly and flexible measures taken by petrochemical enterprises, It makes all dealers elusive. The market hype factor is too strong and is out of touch with the market demand. However, the market and demand are always constrained by each other. The sales of various products should be based on the benchmark. In view of the fact that the market economy only seeks profits but does not regulate them, all dealers have to change their previous thinking and cater to the distribution means of petrochemical plants. In the future, the PP price fluctuated due to the decline of propylene outer market and the purchase situation

ldpe lines should be noted that the corresponding temperature range should be indicated behind the humidity index: last week, LDPE arrived in large quantities, and the price fell, which is a normal phenomenon. The sales volume is average, and the inventory is small, which is conducive to market sales. This week, the LDPE market price tends to be stable. It is estimated that there will be small fluctuations in the future market

lldpe: due to the assessment last week, in order to complete the assessment this year, petrochemical enterprises reduced the sales by 200 yuan/t, which impacted the market price. The export of extruder products fluctuated. Due to the low season, the demand decreased, and the price returned to the original price this week. It is estimated that LLDPE will tend to be stable in the future without too much fluctuation

in a word, judging from the price fluctuation of each product last week and this week, the future market has added many adverse factors, and the entire market demand operators have become more flexible, so as to adapt to this changeable market, otherwise they will be eliminated by the market

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