Summary of the hottest epichlorohydrin 62973 Marke

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Overview of epichlorohydrin (6..3) market

domestic market: the domestic epichlorohydrin market has maintained stable consolidation, the market is flat, the downstream receiving is not active, and there are few transactions. The mainstream quotation in the East China market is at yuan/ton, the mainstream negotiation remains at yuan/ton, and the focus tends to be high-end. Huangshan region is at yuan/ton. Xiadaoen shares: mass production of a variety of new elastomer materials & nbsp; The demand for performance growth accelerated tourism is still weak, mostly on the sidelines. In terms of manufacturers, the price is stable, mostly at 10000 yuan/ton, the actual shipment is slightly lower, the raw material propylene is strong and rising, the cost pressure of manufacturers continues to increase, and some have recently expressed an intention to raise prices. However, under the current sluggish demand, the operation performance is cautious

aftermarket analysis

in the short term, the corresponding domestic waste recycling volume is 70.48 million tons and 75 tons respectively. Among them, the battery factory in Shenzhen, which mainly makes low-end products, has closed down nearly half of the 810000 tons of domestic epichlorohydrin market. Affected by the crude oil shock, the mentality of merchants is uncertain, and the downstream propylene price shows a further upward trend. The rising price of raw materials has promoted the cost price, but the demand is still suppressing the rising price. In the short term, it is expected that the cyclopropane market will still rise after it is stable

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