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During the Mid Autumn Festival, tangminghan home furnishing industry was unique, organizing family members to make dumplings and barbecue activities, which were accompanied by a series of surprises brought by various "performances" of the family

"I miss my relatives twice during the festival". When the mid autumn moon is full every year, it will vaguely affect the homesickness of wandering children. In order to make the company's family feel warm care, relieve everyone's work pressure and enhance the friendship between their families, tangminghan home furnishing industry is unique in organizing family dumpling making and barbecue activities, which are also accompanied by a series of surprises brought by various "performances" of the family. Such creative activities have served a festival cultural feast for all families, and let each family experience a warm feeling like "home"

for the smooth progress of this activity, the family members worked together and carefully prepared rich and diverse ingredients. The relevant family members in charge of the activity bought the stuffing for making dumplings, barbecue food, seasoning, beverages, etc. early in the morning. At 14:00 p.m. on September 6, 2014, on the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, various "kitchen gods" masters began to prepare ingredients for making dumplings, fried rice, fried rice noodles, and showed their cooking skills with full love

at 17:00 p.m., the dinner activity was held as scheduled. First of all, let the family taste the love dumplings, fried rice, fried rice noodles and other buffets made by various "kitchen gods" experts, eat whatever they like, relax and enjoy the warmth of home. Bright smiling faces let us freeze in happy moments

then, the barbecue activity began. Everyone took advantage of the cool autumn, temporarily forgot about work, and enjoyed the fun of barbecue. There are chicken wings, squid, mutton, ham... Seeing so many rich things, families can't wait to start to pick up chicken wings and squid and bake them. Some colleagues are not proficient in barbecue technology. The barbecue food is cooked outside and endogenous. As soon as they bite it, they find that they have been caught, causing the next family to giggle; Some families can't help laughing and talking with the family next to them because they are baking with food. As a result, the food in their hands has become charcoal; While some families are born with "good wives and good mothers". They are skilled in barbecue, master discretion, and bake a series of delicious food for everyone to share... During the activity, the company also held a birthday party for the family whose birthday is in the third quarter of this year. More than 30 birthday stars lit birthday candles together, silently made wishes to the cake together, and sang a happy birthday song together. There was too much joy and too much touching, and everything was silent

at this time, the shy moon finally showed a smiling face, and with the laughter of the family, he also ran happily to cheer with the family: because we are a family, a loving family, we should share our blessings, we must share our difficulties, and we can exchange our acquaintance for a long time... The barbecue activity continues, and the family members enjoy it to their fullest. Looking at the bright moon in the air, laughter lingers in everyone's heart. On this autumn moon shining night with sweet osmanthus fragrance, the Meilai family gathered together to share the beauty, warmth and harvest of autumn, leaving many beautiful moments and memories, just like a warm big family

on the occasion of the annual Mid Autumn Festival, buffet activities and barbecue activities not only make you full of happiness, but also realize the warmth of our "home" given by tangminghan household industry. In addition, the relaxed activity time also made the family members who were originally busy and neglected to communicate enhance their feelings with each other, strengthened the cohesion of the company, and showed a youthful demeanor of tangminghan. I believe that in the future work, my family will also redouble their efforts to contribute our cohesion step by step to the development of tangminghan





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