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Today, with the development of real estate, the door and window industry has encountered difficulties in branding. As one of the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows in China, paya doors and windows tells you how to build a well-known door and window brand

with the rapid development of China's economy, the urbanization process has been accelerating in recent years, which has led to the rapid development of the real estate industry. Therefore, it has also led to the development of related industries, and also created a broad development space for the door and window industry. On the contrary, due to the low threshold of entering the door and window industry, there are more and more competitors, resulting in a highly competitive situation. This dilemma has caused the door and window industry to encounter major problems. Many door and window enterprises complain that it is "too difficult" to build a brand now

according to the person in charge of an aluminum alloy door and window enterprise, it is too difficult to build a brand. The early investment is wide, the effect is slow, and the volume is low. In the short term, it cannot leave a deep impression on consumers. Although it is difficult to build a brand, some enterprises in the door and window industry have gained popularity and occupied a favorable position in the market by building a brand, among which the most successful is paya doors and windows. As we all know, paya doors and windows has a high brand awareness. For many years, it has been recognized as the first of the "top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows in China", and its products were once the object of peer enterprises to learn and imitate

facing the problem of brand building, the person in charge of paya doors and windows said that brand building may be slow in the early stage, but the benefits obtained in the later stage are unpredictable. As for how to build a brand, the person in charge of Paiya doors and windows said that the key is to timely understand the needs of consumers and improve the user experience

marketing channels that fit consumers - online marketing

some experts said that the main body of the door and window market will be the post-80s generation for a long time from now until the future. According to the data, the number of post-80s generation will exceed 100million. Their characteristic is that they like to put a lot of energy into the network, and the network has increasingly become the main way for them to understand information and find brands

"therefore, in order to create a brand that fits consumers, enterprises must increase effective communication with the 'post-80s' through online marketing." According to the person in charge of paya, as the first brand of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, since its establishment, paya doors and windows has divided its promotion into two aspects: traditional media and online marketing. In terms of network marketing, paya doors and windows first spread out the enterprise information, brand image, product content, etc. through network promotion. Then, influenced by the brand strength of paya doors and windows, many well-known big media platforms such as Sina home, Sohu Home, sofang, etc. also compete to report on enterprises, so enterprises get more comprehensive publicity on the network platform. Secondly, based on the current development of mobile Internet, with the help of wechat and other mobile social platforms, paya windows has strengthened cooperation and communication with dealers and smooth information communication with consumers

consumer friendly products

with the ecological deterioration, serious haze and other environmental problems emerging in endlessly, environmental protection has become the focus of attention in the process of "new urbanization". In addition, with consumers' increasing awareness of environmental protection, the requirements for purchasing environmentally friendly doors and windows are also increasing. All this shows that now door and window enterprises must realize that green upgrading is urgent if they want to create a brand that meets the needs of consumers

of course, many door and window enterprises have made positive improvements for environmental protection. The person in charge of paya doors and windows said that environmental protection should start from the root

at present, some door and window enterprises in the industry use recycled aluminum as aluminum materials. Recycled aluminum is aluminum materials formed by secondary extrusion of old aluminum windows, coke cans, industrial waste aluminum and weathered waste aluminum, which has the disadvantages of easy deformation and low hardness. Some recycled aluminum may contain radioactive elements, which will be harmful to human body and cannot be used as household products. In contrast, paya doors and windows mainly use pure aluminum and new aluminum as profiles, which makes the physical and mechanical properties and environmental protection properties of the profiles far higher than the national standards, especially in the fillet strength and aging resistance. Secondly, PIA doors and windows exclusively introduced the Italian Rocco door and window system. The unique slot on the profile can better link the overall accessories, not loose or tight, and has better sealing performance. Therefore, the sound insulation and heat insulation performance is better, reducing the loss of energy, reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning and heating, and indirectly reducing the harmful gases released during energy consumption, so it is deeply loved by the market

service fitting consumers - high quality service

"to build a brand that meets the needs of consumers, high-quality service is essential." The person in charge of paya doors and windows said that providing high-quality services to consumers by door and window enterprises can not only promote sales, but also create a good corporate image and improve consumers' goodwill and brand loyalty to the brand. In order to leave a brand impression on consumers and increase consumer satisfaction, whether it is a shopping guide or an installer, paya doors and windows will carry out regular professional training, including enterprise information, professional knowledge, product technology, dress etiquette, service attitude and many other aspects, so as to make every customer enjoy the most noble treatment. In the sales service, paya doors and windows are provided with free professional measurement and installation services by specially assigned personnel. In addition, paya doors and windows also intimately promises that the hardware accessories of the products will enjoy a certain free warranty period and lifelong maintenance. It is precisely because paya achieves the integration of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services that it can obtain a good reputation among consumers, and then better shape a good image of paya

as the market becomes more and more mature and consumers no longer consume blindly, the brand building of door and window enterprises becomes important, and enterprises with brand value can stand firm in the market competition. At the same time, many professionals also said that if the brand created by the enterprise can not meet the needs of consumers and provide consumers with better products and services, it is equivalent to doing useless work




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