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Ten years ago, integrated stoves were a small role that was not favored in the kitchen electrical industry

ten years later, integrated stoves are a rising force against the trend in the increasingly weak kitchen appliance industry

in the development wave of integrated stove industry, Jindi left a heavy mark, which is not only a participant, a witness, but also a leader

looking back on the past ten years, there is a word that the people of the golden emperor have always kept in mind, that is "quality". Over the past decade, no matter how amazing the development speed of Jindi and how large the enterprise scale is, Jindi people have never relaxed their adherence to product quality and brand image

looking forward to the decade, the golden emperor will surely practice the new decade of quality with the accumulation of the decade

brand development in the new decade, create a gold lettered signboard

in 2008, at the beginning of its establishment, Jindi established exquisite technology and focused on high-end brand positioning. The word "quality" was originally integrated into the brand gene of Jindi. In just ten years, a "gold" signboard has been erected in the industry and market

in 2018, golden emperor reached deep cooperation with boss electric appliance. One is the upstart of integrated stoves, and the other is the kitchen electricity giant, which is a strong combination. Share scientific research technology and core supply chain. With one heart, we have become explorers and practitioners of the high-end process of kitchen appliances in China

the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Jindi and its boss

2019 is the second decade of Jindi's development, the dividing point from start-up to maturity, and the starting line from accumulation to breakthrough

as the core force of the integrated stove industry, Jindi will continue to hold high the banner of quality and develop together with the industry

Wang Huosheng, the head of the electrical quality department of the boss, and Zheng CE, the quality engineer of the quality department, have carried out quality management with the employees of Jindi. In the new decade of product innovation, Meihao has entered the Chinese kitchen. In the past decade, Jindi integrated stove has already completely solved the oil smoke dilemma of Chinese kitchens for thousands of years with the second smoke absorption technology

a900 Targa integrated stove, x900z integrated stove for steaming and baking, and v900z integrated stove for steaming and baking have become popular products in the market

in the new decade, Jindi has always focused on good quality, introduced the quality management system of boss appliances, and introduced the core technology of boss appliances to improve product quality. We will fight to the end for every insignificant 1%, make unremitting improvement, and take quality as the cornerstone to create high-end, innovative and good products, so as to meet all the beautiful aspirations of people for kitchen life

move forward in the new decade with one heart, create the territory of the golden emperor

the golden emperor decade, make friends with national partners, and witness countless rich stories of dreams coming true; In the ten years of the golden emperor, he opened hundreds of cities and counties, witnessing the rise of the golden emperor's territory; In the past ten years, the golden emperor has walked into thousands of households and witnessed the happy moment of quality kitchens

quality, creating long-term value. In the new decade, tens of millions of Jindi people will continue to uphold the belief of "quality Jindi" and constantly consolidate the image and status of Jindi as China's high-end kitchen appliances

in the ten years of the golden emperor, there were many storms, from taking root in the soil to luxuriant branches and leaves; Golden emperor has been forging ahead for ten years, from a healthy kitchen to a quality life

ten years of professionalism and quality assurance. In the first year of 2019, Jindi will practice the road of quality with ten years of accumulation, and start a new journey in the new decade

ten years of sharpening a sword, while maintaining its own technological advantages and continuous innovation, Jindi holds an open and win-win attitude, opens the door of "cooperation" to local dealers who are also committed to "quality", and jointly promotes the "quality revolution" of China's integrated stove industry

ten years of golden emperor, looking forward to walking with you





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