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After you leave work, the sun is just beside the cupboard in the kitchen. There is a soft sunset in your pupils, and there is a hurried knock on the door. That's the children who are busy growing up... Look! This life, neither strong nor weak, is just right

project type: large flat

project area: 270m2

design style: American

design team: Changzhou Johns

project address: Changzhou Yaju lexing River Bay

this case brought by Johns is a large flat apartment with an area of 270 M2 located in Changzhou Yaju lexing River Bay. The decoration style of the whole house adopts the classic American style, and the whole wood design uses the classic three-stage segmentation method. The Yakou shape is the main carrier of the connecting space, the ivory color is the main color, and the warmth of high-level feeling is the main mood, injecting the happy life of the whole family

living room

the living room, no matter from which perspective, is like a warm jade painting. Blue chairs and orange cushions are jumping colors in the living room, but they don't jump off at all. The surrounding parapets are beautiful and low-key, introverted, and the streamlined lines are set against the light blue walls, showing a clear and elegant style

the background wall of TV is also composed of upper coreless board and lower solid core parapet, which is combined with blue gray dark grain art paint process to create a simplified texture. The central part of the TV background wall adopts the slotting process to protect the wall, which has the same design style as the sofa background wall opposite, but forms a sharp contrast. From one to the other, it activates the space, making it thick and light, but appropriate and harmonious

dining room

the living room and aisle, aisle and dining room, dining room and kitchen are all decorated with American style Yakou transition decoration, which not only divides the functional areas of the space, but also connects the whole large space with elegance. Such a design point is both atmospheric and elegant, which will not divide the large space too much, but also enrich the artistic atmosphere of the space

the dining side cabinet of the restaurant adopts three-stage segmentation, and the seemingly independent fireplace is still connected with the cabinet. In order to form continuity with the whole space, the coreless parapet is still used above the fireplace, and the owner decorates it with a landscape painting, which leads to a little smart charm. A few simple artwork decorations in the cabinet grid are dotted with milky white whole wood three body cabinets, which are warm, simple, indifferent and hot

kitchen kitchen kitchen

there is an open light adjustment space between the kitchen and the restaurant, with a simple bar and exquisite bow shaped bar chairs. The embedded cabinet is placed on the side, and the sense of design pays attention to the combination of reasonable and practical and beautiful and concise, forming a leisure and comfortable interactive area. Simple breakfast time, slightly drunk drinks, you live here, even in a hurry, but also full of intoxicating enjoyment

the whole wood cabinet in the kitchen increases the effect of wood grain on the basis of milky white, so that its authentic natural scenery is dotted in the kitchen. The tone is like thick or light wood color, simple feeling, and temperature color

bedroom bedroom

the master bedroom adopts the form of suite, including bathroom space. The design elements of each place respect elegance and refinement in color. The whole wood wardrobe is simple white, and the bedside parapet is decorated with light green and pink upholstery. Such an environment will fall in love at the moment you glimpse it. Its atmosphere makes people feel at ease, and the comfortable feeling comes from the harmony of colors. The place to sleep is the restart button of life. People get the password from their dreams and feel the power of home the moment they wake up

the interesting thing about the whole wooden wardrobe in the bedroom is that it looks simple. When you open the door, you know the designer's good intentions. Reasonable design of the limited space in the cabinet dominates all the possibilities of using space, which is customization

there are many things related to pink in the children's room. Pink is the little girl's favorite. It has natural magic. When this magic is combined with the Milky whole wood, it is indispensable to be warm. The soft shape floating window is designed with four large storage drawers at the bottom, creating a multifunctional floating window integrating leisure and storage. The cabinet stands upright, firm and temperamental on one side, moistened by the gentle pink atmosphere and quietly guarded

it's another pink room for a child. The parapet adopts a slotted semi parapet with pink wall materials. Even the handles of the whole wooden cabinet door are pink. The lovely appearance makes people can't help looking more

study room

this set of cases understates the warmth of life in a classic American style

there is a kind of life like this,

there is strong, light elegance, leaning and talking, laughing and singing

there is also a kind of customization,

there are minimalism, classics, cultural connotation and wonderful style

this is the ability that life gives customization,

this is also the charm that customization gives life

the thickness is appropriate,

customized in the heart Johns





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