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Wall acceptance is one of the most important items of home decoration acceptance. You must be careful when accepting, otherwise you will find problems after you check in, which will be very troublesome. The following is a detailed introduction to the acceptance points of wall coatings, tiles and wallpaper

I. meticulous and flat paint surface

whether the effect of wall painting is meticulous and flat, does not fall off, and does not mildew mainly depends on the quality of paint and construction technology, especially the treatment technology of wall base. Therefore, the acceptance of wall paint should start from the base, and it should be accepted once before painting, and then again after painting

acceptance of wall base course: base course treatment is the key link to ensure the construction quality, of which ensuring that the wall is completely dry is the most basic condition, because the mortar with cement as bonding material is strongly alkaline before hardening, and the emulsion paint must be anti alkaline at this time. After the cement mortar hardens, the alkaline value decreases significantly, and then the emulsion paint can be applied. The drying time varies with climatic conditions, and should generally be kept for more than 10 days. The wall must be flat, and the putty should be applied at least twice. If it still fails to meet the standard, it should be scraped to meet the standard requirements

acceptance of wall paint film: the variety and color of materials used for emulsion paint brushing meet the design requirements, and the color of the painted surface is consistent, and there are no quality defects such as penetrating the ground, missing brushing, powder falling, alkali peeling, peeling, biting and so on. When using the spray gun for spraying, the spray point shall be dense and uniform, and there shall be no skin connection, no sagging, the paint film shall be smooth and free of powder when touched by hand, and the doors, windows, lamps, furniture, etc. shall be clean without paint traces

acceptance points and standards:

1. Stand 1.5m away from the wall and observe, without sand holes, biting, sagging, color difference, bottom penetration, etc

2. The coating shall be uniform, firmly bonded, and shall not be missed, exposed, peeled and rusted

paint surface quality inspection: precautions for paint Construction: roll coating is used in large areas, and hand brushing is used in corners, which not only improves the brushing efficiency, but also ensures the brushing quality. During construction, the emulsion paint must be fully stirred before use. When matching colors, you should choose alkali resistant and sun resistant color paste to mix with the paint liquid, and it is forbidden to mix dry color powder with the paint liquid. The emulsion paint with color paste shall be stirred for at least 5 minutes to make the color uniform before construction

II. Smooth and tidy brick surface

the wall decoration of kitchen and bathroom is mainly made of ceramic tiles, and the wall tiles should be flat, solid and tidy. There are several steps and standards for the acceptance of the construction of wall tiles

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