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Langsheng doors and windows | employee birthday party, did you attend

did you attend the birthday party

in order to create an atmosphere of mutual care, communication and promotion of the company's corporate culture construction, LANXESS group's birthday staff gathered this quarter to hold a unique birthday party in this bright autumn harvest season. Li qianqiong, the marketing director of the marketing department, guest presided over the meeting and invited Qin Mingshun, the assistant director of the factory, to speak and give sincere wishes to the birthday star. The birthday party officially kicked off

in this birthday party, all personnel of the general manager's office cooperated closely and divided their work. After careful preparation in the early stage, they decorated the venue, prepared props, adjusted lighting and sound, and the procurement department cooperated with the procurement of snacks, drinks, seasonal fruits, etc. a warm venue with a little sentiment but without lack of warmth was completed

the birthday party we are looking forward to unfolds smoothly with laughter! Everyone showed their talents, sang and danced, actively participated in the Games carefully prepared by the general manager's office, and successfully obtained the favorite gifts. The birthday stars attending the meeting all showed their smiles

birthday party site

the game begins

blessing wall, have you written it

let's sing birthday song, eat cake and start

the cake is finished. Let's sing

all our birthday stars gathered together, lit birthday candles, sang birthday hymns, and made wishes in their songs! And best wishes to our LANXESS group! The employee representative made a speech and wished everyone a smooth career and life, a bright future and good luck! I hope Langsheng group will grow stronger and stronger. This move infected everyone present and actively mobilized everyone's enthusiasm for work. We spent this unforgettable time together and gained different happiness in it

Langsheng doors and windows are subordinate to Hong Kong Langsheng Group Co., Ltd. its main business brands are Hong Kong Langsheng group Foshan (Langsheng doors and windows) Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Langsheng group Foshan (Orville aluminum profile aluminum) Co., Ltd. Langsheng door and window store has been favored by consumers all over the country with high cost performance and high-quality service, and its sales volume is leading. On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of LANXESS group, LANXESS continues to bloom the beauty of happiness and serve every family well





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