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When it comes to the decoration of the attic, I believe many owners will disagree. They think that the attic is no more than a storage room, shelving some idle things. In fact, if you spend more time on decoration and design, the attic can also be of great use. Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian teaches you the attic decoration strategy

first, the attic decoration and transformation is very likely

1. The type of attic before the attic decoration and transformation, we must first understand the type of attic, which can generally be divided into two types. One is the top-level attic, and the attic and the top-level figure out; The other is pure attic. The first is more common. The area of the attic on the top floor is generally small, and the space is more cramped, so careful planning is needed for decoration and reconstruction. The pure attic area is relatively large, and it can be arranged according to the normal room decoration in the decoration

2. Advantages and disadvantages of the Attic: the attic space is rich, interesting and changing; The average floor height of the attic makes people feel friendly, warm and secure; The attic is mysterious and private; The attic is also the highest, with the widest vision and the freshest air; Therefore, it has become a dream of many people to have an attic of their own choice. Disadvantages: most attics have low roof height and poor airflow; If the building quality of the roof has problems, it will be the first to suffer, which is prone to water seepage and cracks; In addition, there is a common problem at the top of the building, that is, cold in winter and hot in summer

3. Loft space is a desirable space, but there are many obstacles in the decoration and transformation. If you want to make the attic a comfortable place, you need to plan a lot in the early stage. The space structure of the attic is unique. In the eyes of creative people, its imagination space is greater and the possibility of transformation is greater. The attic can be completely decorated into bedrooms, study rooms, reception rooms, chess and card rooms, and even boldly into bathrooms and kitchens. However, the suitable transformation of the attic is different in different situations. Let's take several transformation spaces as examples

① for people who work at home, it is most appropriate to take the attic as their own office area, because this can separate work and life, so as to avoid mutual interference. Requirements: the attic space should be relatively transparent. Lighting and ventilation are very important for the office environment, because when you are tired at work, you can stand up and look at the scenery outside the window, stretch your muscles and bones, and relax your mood, so as to improve the work efficiency in the next period of time, and the dark and narrow space is easy to cause fatigue

② attic into bedroom for those drifters who live in different cities, after buying a house, they may often have relatives and friends from their hometown to visit. In this case, it is advisable to design the attic as a guest room, because no matter what the space here is, it is always much better than arranging friends or relatives in a hotel. Requirements: the attic needs good lighting and ventilation, and the warmth and insulation of the attic should be better, otherwise it will be difficult to sleep in this space after changing to the bedroom

③ the attic turns into a bathroom, and lying in the bathtub under the inclined roof window will make people feel very comfortable. Then start to change the attic into a bathroom. Under the inclined window, a large bathtub is installed along the vertical wall, and a shelf can be designed next to the bathtub to place clothes and bathing products

requirements: some attics have no water supply and drainage, so the renovation of pipelines should be clearly reflected in the annex of the contract and negotiated with relevant departments during decoration, otherwise there will be endless trouble

I hope the decoration strategy of the above attic can help you





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