Hottest gift box embarrassed after the festival

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Gift boxes are embarrassed after the festival.

as the saying goes, "people rely on clothes, and Buddhas rely on gold". Many businesses seize the psychology of citizens and launch various beautifully packaged gift boxes before the festival. But after the Spring Festival, those beautiful empty boxes will become worthless, It has become the "beautiful garbage" which is far higher than the expected value of any country in Africa and Europe

exquisite gift boxes become garbage after the festival

on the morning of March 8, I saw in an interview in Changsheng community, Weicheng district that some gift packaging boxes, including cardboard, plastic and wood, were discarded in many garbage cans, which were very eye-catching

Master Wang, who lives in building 21 of the community, told that before the Spring Festival, his son and son-in-law bought many gifts. The packaging boxes were very exquisite, some were plated with gold, and some were inlaid with jade. After eating some food, the gift box was thrown there and filled most of the balcony. It's not easy to wait until someone comes to buy waste products, but they don't recycle it, and the gift boxes are stacked at home and become eye-catching and troublesome garbage

in the interview, it was learned that Master Wang was not the only one who had this embarrassing experience. He had no place to bloom, could not be reused, and had little collection value. Therefore, most citizens chose to discard these gift boxes when dealing with them

some citizens suggested that if the manufacturers of these goods can establish a corresponding recycling mechanism to recycle these beautiful gift boxes like recycling wine bottles, so that these gift boxes can be reused to the greatest extent, it will save resources and reduce costs for manufacturers; For consumers, it also finds a reasonable place for gift boxes that have nowhere to stack, which is of great benefit to both sides

the response to the recycling of gift boxes was very cold

an investigation was conducted in response to the proposal of the public, but the response of all parties was very cold

in the South Lane of the early spring garden in the urban area, I met Gao Laohan, who was buying fruit packaging boxes, and then talked with him. Gao Laohan said, "Recycling? I haven't heard of anyone recycling these packaging boxes. No matter how complete and exquisite, they can only be sold as waste paper shells. The price is, of course, cheaper than waste newspapers. The current market situation is 0.3 yuan per kilogram. We don't accept those high-end gift boxes with foam boards and yellow silk wrapped inside. Most of these high-end gift boxes are made of wood or fiberboard, with silk, sponge and foam inside Plastics and so on can't be recycled. Waste collection points don't accept them, and we have nowhere to sell them. Even if residents give them to us for nothing, we don't want them. "

then visited several waste acquisition sites located in qianluan village, Liyuan street, Kuiwen District. After hearing the intention, several owners expressed no interest

in the tea market at the south end of Qingnian Road in the urban area, I walked into a shop specializing in gift packaging boxes and saw that the shelves were filled with all kinds of exquisite packaging boxes, with prices ranging from more than 20 yuan to 100 yuan. But when it was suggested that there were several well packed and particularly exquisite tea packaging boxes at home and wanted to sell them at a lower price, the owner immediately changed his face and said that their industry never recycled gift boxes and let them be sold as waste products

also visited several gift shops in the city, and they also refused to recycle gift boxes

the staff of a shopping mall in the urban area also told that the high-end packaging boxes of goods were prepared by the manufacturer in the proportion of 1:1 when supplying goods. It is impossible to recycle the packaging boxes after the shopping mall sells them, because it is useless to take them back; In addition, they have not heard that any manufacturer has an agreement with the mall to recycle gift packaging boxes. At present, the market competition is very fierce, and businesses have to work hard on packaging in order to attract the attention of consumers and find selling points. Therefore, many manufacturers redesign new gift packaging boxes every year, and the old boxes are generally not used anymore

whether luxury gift boxes should be slimmed down

the emergence of exquisite gift boxes has made commodity packaging more and more exquisite, improved the consumption level of citizens, and delighted their lives; At the same time, because the recycling problem of these packaging boxes has not been properly solved, it has caused double waste to businesses and consumers to a certain extent. So, should gift boxes be "slimmed down"? To this end, an investigation and interview were conducted

Master Wang of building 14, Fuhua new village, Weifang High tech Zone said: "Personally, I think the packaging is more affordable. Although luxury packaging pays attention to 'face', after using up the goods, these expensive packaging boxes become furnishings and waste. No matter how exquisite the boxes are, they can't sell for a few money, which makes me feel very wasteful. With the same quality and the recovery of the international market, it's better to buy packaged ones than bulk ones. At least, they are affordable and cost less."

Ms. Li, who lives in the Shengrong square community in the urban area, also told: "during the Spring Festival, a friend sent a box of tea. The packing box was made of hardwood frame, with silk in it. In addition, it was also matched with tea pots, cups and other tea utensils, but the tea was only a few times, which had a sense of overwhelming."

Mr. Ma, who is engaged in individual business in the urban area, believes that: when visiting relatives and friends and giving gifts, gifts should first be good-looking, and the packaging is certainly important, otherwise it will be too shabby; Besides, if you wrap the gifts that others give you, you can't wrap the gifts that you give others too cowardly. Otherwise, you can't live up to your face. It's not a matter of more money and less money

more citizens believed in the interview that the gift box is like a beautiful coat. Moderate packaging does improve the grade of goods, but excessive packaging is a serious waste of resources, and unrestrained luxury packaging is a double waste of labor costs and energy costs. They hoped that merchants had better choose high-quality and low-cost packaging materials when packaging goods, which is justified in "face", Consumers don't feel distressed when they throw it away after buying it home

waste in packaging more supervision meets vacuum

in the interview, citizens suggested that the relevant departments should strictly control the containment of luxury packaging and start from the source

according to the food room and packaging room of Weifang Bureau of quality and technical supervision, the AQSIQ has made an agreement on the packaging of moon cakes, requiring moon cake manufacturers to choose packaging materials that are degradable or easy to recycle and meet the requirements of safety, health and environmental protection; At the same time, the packaging cost should not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes. However, this provision is limited to moon cakes, and there is no restriction on the outer packaging of tea, alcohol and other foods. In other words, at present, the national quality supervision department has no unified standard to measure and limit the product packaging of enterprises

professor quzhenguo of the Department of Social Sciences of Weifang University said in an interview that nothing can be beaten to death with a stick. Businesses produce luxury gift boxes because there is market demand, there is demand, and naturally there is supply. At present, the main reason for the "discard as waste" of gift boxes is the narrow recycling channels and low prices, rather than the gift boxes themselves

Qu Zhenguo said that considering environmental protection, sanitation, cost control and reducing resource waste, it is recommended that businesses choose reusable, renewable or degradable green materials, and establish corresponding recycling mechanisms to undertake the recycling and treatment of used packaging materials, so as to reduce pollution and waste. In addition, relevant state departments should establish and improve relevant rules and regulations to restrict and guide merchants' production of gift packaging boxes; At the same time, we should use the market regulation mechanism to regulate and restrict, and guide the gift box to gradually get rid of the embarrassing experience of "chicken ribs". (zhangzhenmin)

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