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Tiandi Futures: Tianjiao daily review 1210

last Friday, the price of Tokyo rubber fell, and the settlement of bulls is still the main factor. The strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market and the influence of short popularity have led to greater pressure on prices. When the rigidity was maximized, the rigidity was changed and the weight was reduced, the benchmark may contract fell by 2.4 yen, and the origin of the late closing curve showed a partial deviation of 266.2 yen. Observed from the disk, Japanese rubber continued to show a weak posture. However, the characteristics of building a phased bottom are becoming increasingly obvious. The resource pressure in Southeast Asia has certainly had a negative impact on the market and prices. From the perspective of time, there is a time limit to make the rope gate not in a tight state during impact. In addition, the author believes that the demand will rise in the later stage. Therefore, it is reasonable for the rubber price to rise. In the short term, through consolidation to accumulate momentum

domestic: Shanghai Jiaotong futures price has performed well today. All contract prices have been rising throughout the day, while positions have expanded significantly, and the late trading did not leave the market as in the early stage. Whether this indicates that the second rise will pull the curtain of 221 steel protective door open. Graphically, the March futures price finally got rid of the long-term repression of 22000 and the multiple entanglement of the moving average. It can be said that today's volume price coordination is very tacit, at least in theory, it belongs to the characteristics of interval breakthrough. Just how big the space above and how confident the bulls are are are all the vitality that affects this rally. The author believes that the rise of the external market is undoubtedly caused by the "strong dollar" and the holiday effect in Thailand, and it is difficult to confirm the firmness of the rise. Although, the middle and late December is the beginning of price start-up. However, the current domestic and foreign futures markets are still in the period of adjustment, so it is believed that the early resistance level of 23000 yuan still has a lot of resistance. In practice, multiple orders can be tried in an appropriate amount, and attention should be paid to maintaining a sense of rhythm, which cannot be held for a long time

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