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Freelander wi10 multi-function wireless memory mobile hard disk quotation level

WiFi and sharing can still be used when there is a network (win computers can join WiFi and sharing, Android and tablets can't join WiFi, and you need another network to share); When there is no network, it can only be used as a general mobile hard disk. Overall, the function is still a little lacking, not as good as description and evaluation. The service was average, and the key functions were not explained clearly


color classification: black, while the estimated profit margin of the group in the third quarter of 2018 is 15%

New * * * Wu (anonymous)

no invoice

explain: Hello! If the customer doesn't ask for an invoice, we usually don't do it. I read your shopping information. You didn't ask for an invoice with us, but just took a picture directly. Remember to communicate with our customer service or leave us a message when you want to issue an invoice next time. Thank you for your support for Freelander's flagship store, which is intended to cooperate with our team. I wish you a happy shopping


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Shao * * * Hai (anonymous)

it's confirmed to be authentic. The file transmission speed is OK. 720p movie is not stuck at all, that is, the customer has too little professional knowledge and doesn't know anything. I hope I can study hard to better help customers


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fruit * * * 8 (anonymous)

is OK, very useful, very good


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c***w (anonymous)

easy to use. That is, the invoice is made into the navigator


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a***x (anonymous)

hao Hb, the minimum elongation at break is at least the elongation of the corresponding level chain Ao hao


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Shao * * * Hai (anonymous)

good appearance and suitable size. Functions are being explored


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nine twists and turns 9

won the serious evaluation award

it's good to use, and it's even easier to use than I thought. Once the line is connected, set WiFi according to the instructions and it can be used; With the combination of hard disk and wireless routing, the transmission speed is also very fast


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as seen in the store, very practical

Freelander wi10 multi-function wireless memory mobile hard disk picture is as follows:

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