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Gaobao will launch the latest model at medprint exhibition

recently, medprint exhibition will be held in Naples, Italy. KBA will display rapida 74 five color belt coating of B2 and B3 genius 52 printing machine. In addition, KBA will also display a 46 karatplus sra3 with 18000 pages of rapi butter per hour. Don't apply too much Da 74 is exhibited in Italy for the first time. It is characterized by a coating unit and a paper receiving extension unit, plus some automation modules. Due to the new design and the thinning of packaging wall thickness, such as automatic version change and cleaning of the embossing cylinder. This is a representative of high-quality online printing and coating. You can use mixed ink to complete the production of postcards and posters at one time. It is connected with KBA's densitronic

basic electronic color control system and ciplink workstation to support the conversion of prepress data and the setting of printing machine. The non-stop components at Feida and the highly adjustable non-stop paper receiving roller greatly improve the production efficiency, while the ACS (air cleaning system) extractor at the paper receiving can effectively reduce the volatilization of gas

the genius 52 on display is a 5-color machine, which has many users in Italy. Its ghostless inkless key inking unit and anhydrous offset technology show ultra-high printing quality. The minimum waste of machine adjustment and ultra compact shape design, together with the main functions with a high degree of automation, make it a highly cost-effective device. It is targeted at those who are unwilling to adopt direct imaging technology for some reason. This equipment is a necessary testing equipment brush factory for production companies, construction units, product quality supervision and inspection institutions and building materials product testing

46 karatplus can use pressek imaging technology and Profire digital watermark free version to image on the printing plate with traditional plus or frequency modulation plus, with a resolution of 120 lines/cm (300dpi), which improves the baseline of product quality

Italy is one of the largest areas for KBA sheet fed offset press. There are markets for all types of rapida, which are mainly used in the fields of Commerce, book printing and packaging printing. KBA is also one of the main suppliers in the Italian rotary market. Its 16pp to 64pp high-performance commercial rotary printing machines are adopted by Italy's largest printing enterprises and publishers

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