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Gaobao launches the latest horizontal feed inspection system qualitonicil

friction will affect the compression resistance and even damage of the specimen. Recently, gaobao released a new horizontal feed inspection system, qualitative IL printing alliance. This system can be applied to the new generation of rapida105 sheet fed printing machine, and can also be applied to all rapida format printing machines, with a maximum speed of 18000 sheets/h. This new version of qualitative IL system uses a color camera device During the printing process, each printing sheet can be scanned by the equipment with extremely high resolution

its water-cooled LED lighting device is near the imprint 16 Local size (L × W × H mm):2100 × one thousand two hundred and sixty × The 2000 roller position provides illumination. Due to the difference in the zero adjustment surface of the printing amplitude, the scanning resolution of rapida 74 is about 0.15mm per pixel, and the scanning resolution of rapida 205 is about 1mm per pixel. The system can detect small color differences in 16million colors

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