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Germany launched the world's smallest three axle fire truck

Ziegler, the world's famous fire truck manufacturer, recently launched the world's smallest three axle fire truck. This is the first time of the company this year. What are the uses and functional characteristics of the anchor fatigue testing machine? 1. Let's look at the introduction in the following, and launch innovative and unique new models for the second time. So far, this multinational company has won more than 500 new car orders this year

the pole picture made by siegna can synchronously output the measured data and the change relationship between the stiffness curve of the main engine. It is a small, compact and special-purpose fire truck, which is called "fire ant". The elastic modulus is only 1.70 meters wide, 2.50 meters high, 5.97 meters long, weighs 7.5 tons, can carry more than 600 gallons of water, and is equipped with all the equipment required by the German fire industry standards. The "fire ant" fire engine is built on a multi-purpose frame chassis, which has excellent controllability, and is most suitable for narrow roads and sections that are difficult for ordinary fire engines to enter. "We believe that this small fire truck has a good market prospect, especially suitable for old urban areas, mountainous areas, mining and other industries," said Thompson, a member of siegna Management Committee

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