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Gaobao and sunchem develop washable inks

gaobao signed an agreement with sunchem to enhance the ecological performance of the system

gaobao and sunchem have signed a three-year agreement to jointly research and develop washable inks, especially shark w inks, for the cordina water wheel free offset newspaper printing machine, an innovative product of gaobao. This agreement was announced at the IFRA 2003 exhibition held in leshibi City, which will help to enhance the ecology, cost efficiency and printing quality of the printing press by standardizing production processes, reducing paper consumption and reducing radiation. The agreement will not affect gaobao's current cooperation with other manufacturers to develop oil-based water-based ink projects

in this long-term cooperation agreement, gaobao company will provide support such as the use time of printing machines, technical staff, technical information materials and the use of laboratories. Sun Chemical Company will provide similar resources with stable performance, firmness and information, detailed information on the composition and composition of inks required by gaobao company, and ink samples

the shark w ink newly developed by Sun Chemical Company can be cleaned directly with water without using any chemicals or other additives. The product has been successfully tested on Cortina printing machine and will enter the market in a few months. The main goal of this development is to remove the organic compounds (VOC) in the printing process, so as to achieve the purpose that shark w ink does not contain organic components. In addition, this kind of ink also has certain abrasion resistance and uniform and stable density

in addition, gaobao company will also cooperate with Sun Chemical Company on other projects, including improving oil-based inks such as shark C of Sun Chemical Company for Cortina and other rotary offset printing machines and sheet fed printing machines in general. The two companies have previously had some cooperation projects, including anhydrous inks for 74 karat Di offset printing machines and hybrid inks that support more cost-effective online post press processing in sheet fed offset printing

both parties plan to promote the development of shark w ink and Cortina by holding regular technical meetings, constantly exchanging information and establishing an open laboratory in Germany. The development is planned to be completed before the 2004 drupa 2004 exhibition

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