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Gigabyte b75tn half height Mini itx motherboard

although the micro host has gradually become popular with DIYer, some consumers still feel that the current itx device is not small enough, so some people turn their attention to the thinner thin Mini itx platform, so as to build a smaller and thinner host/all-in-one machine. Thin Mini itx is a thin motherboard specification based on mini itx. It has undergone rigorous planning and design in slot, i/o backplane and component height, so that the motherboard can be flexibly installed in a limited small space. Recently, Gigabyte technology showed two Luban series thin Mini itx motherboards ga-h77tn and ga-b75tn on CES 2013. Among them, ga-b75tn will be launched in the near future. Friends who need to build a micro ultra-thin host/all-in-one machine may pay attention

this Gigabyte ga-b75tn motherboard is characterized by a thin Mini itx version design. In terms of power supply, only a DC 19v notebook power supply is required to meet the power supply of the entire platform, so that the host can be made as light and compact as a Mac Mini, and can also be installed in an ultra-thin AIO chassis. In addition, the motherboard uses high-quality and durable materials such as moisture-proof fiber PCB, ultra long-life all solid-state capacitors, ultra-low resistance transistors, which lays a solid foundation for the stable performance of the platform in a small space

Gigabyte ga-b75tn motherboard based on Intel can make polyurethane foam more delicate and uniform B75 chipset, and use 3+1 phase independent power supply to support lga1155 interface processor. The motherboard is equipped with two SO-DIMM memory sockets, which can support DDR3 1600 memory with a maximum capacity of 16GB

in terms of expansion, Gigabyte ga-b75tn motherboard provides one SATA power interface, one SATA 6gb/s interface (marked with sata0 on the board, located on the right side of SATA Power Interface), three SATA 3gb/s interfaces, and one full height mini-pci-e interface (solid state disk supporting full height mini-pci-e interface and GBT expansion card. GBT expansion card has two specifications, which can provide interfaces for com, VGA, GPIO, TPM and other industries. This equipment often adopts dual tube structure), One half height mini-pci-e interface (supporting expansion cards such as half height mini-pci-e interface wireless cards), so rich interface types can meet the access needs of most mainstream accessories. In addition, the motherboard is specially equipped with a PCI-E X4 slot approved by FDA, and the end is hollowed out to install PCI-E x16 interface graphics cards to meet the needs of users to expand graphics cards, sound cards, cards, solid state drives, array cards and other accessories on ultra micro platforms

although the i/o interface of Gigabyte ga-b75tn motherboard adopts a 2.5cm half height design, the interface is also quite rich, including a 19v power access port, an RJ45 Gigabit card interface, a DisplayPort interface, an HDMI interface, four USB3.0 high-speed transmission interfaces, and two 3.5mm audio interfaces, which is enough to meet the needs of most users

Gigabyte ga-b75tn in order to meet the special needs of ultra-thin AIO chassis and some industry users, the motherboard also carries a group of LVDS display output interfaces on the PCB, which can provide a display effect of up to 1920x1080 18/24bit, and provide hardware support to customers who need integrated output and power supply of LCD screens, such as self-service terminals, VOD and AIO all-in-one machines

Gigabyte ga-b75tn motherboard is based on B75 chipset. Users can send good news from Chalco Shanxi new materials carbon business department according to their own needs. It is equipped with different lga1155 interface CPUs, which is more flexible than most integrated thin Mini itx motherboards in the past. This makes the use of Gigabyte ga-b75tn motherboard become very extensive. Whether it is to build a super small household HTPC HD machine, an ultra-thin all-in-one machine, or a commercial wall mounted advertising machine, lottery machine, self-service recharge equipment, Gigabyte ga-b75tn motherboard can easily be competent. The motherboard will be launched in the near future, and is recommended to all home users or industry customers who have requirements for the size of the host and pay attention to quality

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