Oshilai wall cloth, summer wind, lotus fragrance

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The summer wind sings softly, and white lotus and pink lotus stand in the wind, with outstanding demeanor. Oshilai wall cloth makes the beauty of he bring a little fresh and elegant to the home

summer in mountain pavilions

the green trees are thick in summer

the reflection of the building into the pond

the crystal curtain moves and the breeze rises

a courtyard full of roses

cicadas chirp Frogs Cry

crickets begin to play

summer is coming

green leaves are dense

those flowers are in bloom

occasionally, the summer wind blows

stirs the hair

close your eyes

you can smell the faint fragrance of flowers

that faint fragrance

if the shadow appears

is the fragrance of lotus

summer is coming

it is time for the lotus to bloom

the lotus is fresh Elegant, it is always pinned on a noble character. "It is straight in the middle and straight outside, and it doesn't grow and grow", "it comes out of silt without dyeing, and it washes clear ripples without demons", which is elegant, innocent and noble, and has always been praised by the world

lotus fish music

selected from "Qinghuan"

the designer said -

lotus leaves can be picked in Jiangnan, he Tiantian

the temperature gradually rises

swimming fish hide under the lotus leaves and flowers

play happily in the water

the water waves are sparkling

lively and colorful little fish

add a bit of "movement" to the quietly growing lotus

.Feeling of


selected from "India Lake"

the designer said -

the green trees are cloudy and the summer is long. Whose girl is green with red makeup? There are no waves in the smoke, the blue water is light, and the swimming fish hide under the leaves with shame

green water, green lotus

under the cover of green

I always feel that the lotus has also been dyed a little green

the blooming lotus

can always make people feel a trace of peace

faint fragrance, Ping Ting Ting

summer wind singing

white lotus, pink lotus

standing in the wind

outstanding style

let the beauty of lotus

bring a bit of freshness and elegance to the home

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(image and text source: Ou Shilai wall cloth, invasion and deletion)




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