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Style is the first indicator for consumers to choose wooden doors, which is closely related to design, but also the specific expression of art. Only with deep artistic skills can there be exciting design

Jiufeng wooden door has always been very attentive in the design art, so that every product comes from the beautiful experience of life art, and is committed to creating a modern fashion space

? Insight into consumers to achieve spiritual resonance

the product that consumers want is the best product. With the enrichment of materials, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to the quality of life and like personalized and fashionable quality home. "Fashion", "nature" and "simplicity" are used as keywords, and the reference rate is becoming increasingly high

Jiufeng wooden door has a deep insight into consumer needs, reflects consumers' inner desire, introduces new style series, and advocates fashion and quality life

? Brand stylization leaves a deep memory

Jiufeng wooden door stands out from many brands with the help of brand stylization in order to create a brand image and highlight its own characteristics

"color", "fashion" and "light package" are the unique symbols of Jiufeng wooden door. All product designs come from the understanding of art and the experience of a better life

it can be said that the artistic design of Jiufeng wooden door is catering to the love of many consumers for artistic wooden doors. Wooden doors, like a work of art, are appreciated and used as a kind of enjoyment of life and have great market potential

? Diversified design and perfect coordination of home decoration

Jiufeng wooden door pays attention to diversified thinking in the design, and each door can be unified with a variety of home styles, giving consumers a wide choice of space, so it is deeply loved by consumers

the design concept starts from the perception of nature and life, and finely integrates style, color and material. The original wood texture, fine hand feel, changeable colors, intoxicated glass and so on add different styles to the wooden door

the soft lines have wireless explosive power, which divides the glass into countless plates at random. The edges and corners reveal a little sharpness. It is the softness of roses with perseverance

the elegant shape, fresh color and beautiful lines are natural, refreshing and bring a refreshing home life experience

all products of Chongqing Jiufeng door industry adopt advanced computer-aided design system, and adopt full-automatic or semi-automatic mechanization to carry out the production of the whole process of modeling and structure. Breaking the traditional limitation of relying too much on hand-made products, on the basis of fully considering the needs of users, we have carefully created indoor door products of different grades and grades that integrate the aesthetic consciousness of "simplicity, classicism, fashion, European style" and home style

on the basis of embodying the purpose and connotation of "national myth art, auspicious life in China", the sales network has been promoted to all parts of the country and some foreign regions by using the method of brand building, which has been widely recognized and praised by consumer groups and the industry

the company has passed the iso9001/2000 international quality management system certification, and has won many awards such as "wooden door reassuring brand" and "green environmental protection". It has built Jiufeng's unique product characteristics and humanistic system with a series of products such as "craft door, composite imitation solid wood, solid wood veneer"

"Phoenix dances for nine days, and every family is auspicious". Jiufeng door industry is willing to sincerely work with dealers, customers and all sectors of society to jointly create a real life and business world with Chinese courtyard art characteristics




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