17 problems needing attention in paint and coating

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It is not easy to paint the wall once in home decoration, so when using paint, we must pay attention to some details to ensure the durability of the paint, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble for future home life

key points of paint and coating construction for home decoration:

1. Try not to mix water in the construction of medium and dark latex paint, otherwise it is prone to color difference

2. Bandage the joints of gypsum board

3. It is better to put a cool cloth on the cracks on the wall

4. It is best to remove some putty on the original wall, or brush a layer of glue to seal it

5. Try to buy well-known brand paint, The unknown ones recommended by the decoration company or the foreman should not be used as far as possible.

6. The weather is too wet, and the paint should not be painted.

7. The polishing of paint and paint should be carried out after it is completely dry.

8. The next paint construction must be carried out after the previous paint is completely dry.

9. The paint on the metal surface should be antirust treated.

10. The weather is too cold, and the paint construction quality will be poor.

11. When painting the door, Stick the hinges and door locks with masking paper

12. Pay attention to ventilation when it is too hot

13. When sticking wallpaper, brush oil on the wall

14. When sticking wallpaper, remove the panels of switches and sockets

15. The bright and mercerized emulsion paint should be completed at one time, and the repaired capacity is prone to color differences

16. After the skirting line is installed, patch the seam with putty and emulsion paint

17. The frosted glass should be protected with newspapers




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