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At present, the competition in the building materials market is fierce. In the face of the negative impact of some building materials manufacturers on the overall building materials market, as consumers, they should have the right consumption awareness and understand the scientific purchase method while countering the low-quality products, so as to force the commercial quality of building materials to take the sales volume, so as to drive the market norms of the whole industry. So how should consumers avoid buying paint products that have passed the shelf life or are of poor quality? Tips from several well-known paint dealers: first, look at the packaging: consumers should carefully check the packaging when purchasing paint. Due to the high volatility of polyester paint, the product packaging should be well sealed without any leakage. The metal packaging should not be rusted, otherwise it indicates that the sealing is not good or the time is too long; Check the production date and shelf life carefully. First, remove the inferior paint from the outer package

second check the weight: according to insiders, different paint packaging specifications are different, and the weight is also different. Consumers can use a simple method to identify the advantages and disadvantages when buying: take out each can and shake it. If there is a "clatter" sound when shaking, it indicates that the weight is insufficient or volatilized

three look at the contents: it is generally not allowed to open the container when buying paint, but consumers should carefully check the contents of paint before unpacking and using. The surface of the main paint shall not be hard skinned, and the paint liquid shall be transparent, uniform in color, free of impurities, and shall have good fluidity; The curing agent should be water white or light yellow transparent liquid, without stratification, condensation, clarity and transparency, and no impurities; Diluent, scientific name "Tianna water", commonly known as "banana water", has clear appearance, transparency, no impurities, and good dilution

four look at workability: after the paint with good quality is proportioned in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions, it should have fine hand feel, uniform gloss, uniform color, appropriate viscosity, and good construction tolerance

five choices of business brands: when buying paint, consumers should try to choose regular dealers with good reputation to buy paint products with corresponding brands. If quality problems are found, they should respond or complain in time. Otherwise, it is difficult to tell whether it is caused by poor paint quality or construction technology and environmental factors





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